What you’ll get by joining

  • Learn about some of the best bicycling routes in the area and help create new ones!
  • Ride with others that share your interest in cycling
  • Get up-to-date cycling information at the meeting from our diverse speakers
  • Get tips and advice from experienced cyclists
  • Improve your cycling and maintenance skills
  • Cycle, Socialize, Volunteer, Advocate with others
  • Members are recognized for Awards they have earned over the course of the season at the December meeting
  • December is our Christmas banquet and awards night
  • Participate with others in century rides, and multi-day rides.


SMW is a member of the League of American Bicyclists (LAB), an organization which promotes cycling for fun, fitness, and transportation through advocacy and education. As a member of LAB, we participate in the LAB insurance benefits program.  Every member of the Smoky Mountain Wheelmen Bicycle Club who has 1) paid their annual dues and 2) submitted their annual signed club waiver form receives general liability and participant accident medical coverage when they participate in a club organized event, or ride lead by an SMW Ride Leader.  Club rides are posted on the club calendar and approved by the Ride Captain or Assistant.
Rides labeled “shop rides”, “other rides”, “social rides” or other rides posted on the Smoky Mountain Wheelmen website or our Facebook page are provided as a community service and are not covered under the club’s insurance coverage. For more information, please email info@smwbikeclub.org 

Where are your dues spent?

The dues are typically used to cover the club’s insurance costs and membership in the League of American Bicyclists.  In the event the dues more than cover the cost of the insurance, the rest of the dues are used to help cover the operating cost of the website, fees with the state, and other administrative expenses.  Your dues help the club operate, but they do not fund the club.

Ready To Join Us?

Becoming a member of the Smoky Mountain Wheelmen is as easy as filling out a form and sending in your dues.

Step 1

Download and print your membership form.

Step 2

Complete membership form. Include $25 dues for single membership or $30 for a family membership.

Step 3

Mail the completed membership form and dues to:
SMW, P.O. Box 31497, Knoxville, TN 37930.


The Smoky Mountain Wheelmen Bike Club (SMWBC) was established in 1973 as a nonprofit 501 C (7) organization to promote and encourage cycling in all its phases throughout the eastern Tennessee area.

The mission of the Smoky Mountain Wheelmen is to create opportunities for cyclists of all abilities to participate in myriad year round cycling activities and events, as well as advocating on behalf of cycling interests and specialties. We provide cycling-related educational opportunities, information and  materials on cycling to club members, our community, to local bike clubs and shops, and to government officials in an effort to grow cycling in general. We also participate in local bike planning activities, facilitate touring as well as all other forms of recreational cycling.  We represent the interests and rights of local cyclists, encouraging the allocation of facilities for cycling on public lands, encouraging all cyclists to observe and obey all traffic regulations, and recognition of the bicycle as a vehicle used for recreation, health, and economical transportation.