Winter time ride conditions are limited to having dry road conditions by ride start time. Most of the routes will traverse back roads that will seldom have direct sun exposure to melt overnight freezing of rain, snow or ice.

Country Cruise club rides are weekly and depart Tuesday from the Howard Pinkston Library at French Park on Martin Mill Pike. Wheels up at 9:00 am. The route varies weekly and ranges during the winter season from 25 to 35 miles. With the arrival of spring, longer daylight hours and earlier start times, ride milage varies in the 50 to 65 mile range. Options are available to stop for gas station deli feeding opportunities.
The Country Cruise is a no-drop ride. Depending on the turnout some rides may break into an A group and a B group, each with a designated rider leader. Guest are welcome to join the ride and then are requested to apply for Wheelmen membership if they desire to participate in additional Country Cruise rides. Club members enjoy the benefit of coverage by an accident insurance policy.

Contact Gary Speer 865-604-2324